Wooden Shelf, Flower Stand

Wooden Shelf, Flower Stand

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A fashionable and functional wooden shelf in the shape of an extendable ladder is a beautiful decoration for your home, garden, and balcony. This unique product was made entirely in Poland from pine wood, with the greatest attention to detail.

In the living room or bedroom, a wooden shelf serves as an attractive shelf for your favorite potted flowers and small decorations. In the bathroom, it becomes a perfect place to store cosmetics, toiletries and soft bath towels. Moreover, thanks to its solid construction, the shelf also works great outdoors, in the garden, on the terrace, or on the covered balcony. There you can create a multi-story garden while saving valuable space.

The wooden shelf has as many as 3 levels, thanks to which it can accommodate many aromatic herbs and beautiful flowers that will fill the space around with their color and scent. This is an ideal solution for plant lovers who want to enjoy their beauty in every corner of their home.

An additional advantage of this shelf is the possibility of folding, which is especially useful in the autumn and winter. When the plant season ends, you simply fold the wooden flower stand and put it in the cardboard box. It takes up very little space, and with proper protection, you can be sure that the shelf will be ready for the next season. If you prefer, you can use the stand at home during the winter and place potted plants or baskets of clothes on it.

Purpose: vertical garden, large flower stand, tiered flower stand for the balcony, ladder balcony flower stand, bathroom shelf, and many others

length: 50 cm
width: 36 cm
height: 114 cm
dimensions of the top shelf: 20x29.5 cm
dimensions of the middle shelf: 35x29.5 cm
bottom shelf dimensions: 50x29.5 cm
Product features:

Polish product
made of natural material: wood
3 levels
each shelf has a different dimension
painted with black paint
solid construction
for home, garden and balcony


Product features:

  • Polish product (EU)
  • material: wood
  • painted
  • color: please select
  • A string for easy attachment anywhere
  • possibility of standing or hanging
  • solid construction


Feeder dimensions*:

  • external length: 23 cm (9.1")
  • external width: 22 cm (8.7")
  • height without string: 18 cm (7")
  • internal dimensions of the bottom: 18x14 cm (7"x5.5")

* the dimensions of the product may differ slightly from those given due to being handmade from natural raw materials

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